Brand Story 品牌
Damia Ceramics

为客人缔造简约,自然,时尚生活及工作空间。为此我们引进意大利产品设计及理念融合东方文化精髓,积极探索大自然的馈赠 。产品创意来源稀缺的大理石,珍稀木材,混泥土,火山岩,沉积岩,石英岩等大自然所给予的灵感,加上现代陶瓷工艺及装备来呈现磁砖之美。

我们的价值观,不断的创新,注重细节 ,为客户创造价值,为公司创造效益,为员工创造福利。在追求公司的发展同时,注重自然资源及生态之平衡。

紧跟行业发展趋势,坚持深耕釉面砖领域,在控制风险的同时,不断开拓进取,做到让客户认可, 让消费者满意。努力将 达米雅磁砖 树立在陶瓷之林,立足中国走向世界。

For create concise ,nature and fashion in living and working space, products are combine with Italy design and Orient culture to explore the warmly and harmonious life. Nature is a great Artist. Design idea is carry in her arms including precious marble, rare wood texture, concrete, volcanic, sedimentary rock, quartz stone and sandstone from various of country. Then use ceramic technology to create endless mutative porcelain tiles.

Our core value: Be adhere to innovation, pay attention to details.
Create value for customers, create benefits for company, create welfare for employees.
In the pursuit of the company’s sustainable development, at the same time, focusing on balance of natural resources and ecological.

Damia Ceramics is specialized in produce glazed tiles in different size. Searching bright prospect, meanwhile, control risk prudently. It is effect to make Damic Ceramics famous on world wide ceramics field.


High R&D strength, best-in-class technologies, advanced production equipment, etc. will contribute to shorter delivery cycle. Sp